08 November 2012

Minds Bright, Minds Shiny: Shenandoah Davis

photo credit: Hayley Young
It's pretty incredible to me that I am connected to so many inspiring folks all over the globe. Some of them I've known since childhood, others I connected to in class or at a job, and there are a random few that I met by pure chance. Social networking has its annoyances, sure. But it also allows me access to the boundless creativity output by brilliant minds. Such content is especially compelling when it's produced by someone you've had the golden opportunity to cross paths with.

Friends, meet Shenandoah Davis, whose intellect is matched only by her artistry. She's an old pal and living on the other side of the world, calling Seattle home. I know you have a spare five minutes and thirty seconds (exactly!) sitting around unused in your day, somewhere. Use them wisely (see below).
A happy Thursday to you, wherever this moment finds you.