09 June 2012

A rompin' good time

This summer, I decided that rompers would be my thing, despite my deeply-rooted disdain for shorts of any kind. Luckily, Holland's weather rarely, if ever, warrants wearing shorts over bare legs, which means it's never too warm to don a pair of leggings. My shorts dilemma = solved. 

My favorite of the lot is a short-sleeved, faux denim piece that my mom compared directly with her high school phy-ed uniform. I thought it looked more like a ladies' prison getup, but a quick google search confirmed her story.

On its own, the thing looks a bit sad. I even considered returning it. However, when belted and paired with bright leggings and heels, it's transformed from gym class drab into working class glam. If you're still on the fence about your first romper, just. do. it. It's a quick way to up the quirky in your day.

denim romper

Blue Jean Dream Romper, Retro Dollie Earrings, and Aromatic Adornment Belt | ModCloth
brogues | ASOS