19 March 2013

Sun, Enter Stage Left

Just when I decided to embrace the rain and cloud cover Holland copiously provides, the sun gods decided to camp out over the southern North Sea, which has made for some exquisite skies, especially in the evenings, none of which I managed to capture with a camera, of course. And those macarons, a gift from a friend who knows what makes me tick, barely made it on camera before ingestion. Yum. And random. Blaming it on hormones. Naysayers, shut up.

Before I inundate you with photos of my domestic adventures, here are some things I've done since we've last conversed:
1. Bought 48 rolls of toilet paper, with puppies printed on it. Puppies.
2. Made some damn good food. Most recently, this and this. I can't recall much before that. Considering I put a block of Parmesan cheese in the bathroom one night after dinner, I'd say not remembering what I had for dinner a week ago is the least of my worries. I'm blaming this, too, on the hormones, and you're not going to argue with me.
3. Trained to the airport twice with Miss Frankie to get my mom, almost a month ago, and my dad, who joined us in our quest to conquer chaos on Friday. Having an extra set or two of hands around has been extraordinary. I've been a total pain in the ass, but I'm blaming it on the hormones again. Again, forget arguing with me.
4. Fit into my normal pants. Thank Jesus. 
5. Gotten a couple unexpected full nights of sleep. This baby is a champ at night, sometimes going seven hours without waking. Yes, I'm gloating.
6. Got this bad boy from the mister. Double... no, triple gloat. I might have whispered I love you at it last night as it sliced a leek whisper-thin in three seconds.